BOMBNATION (not active anymore)

started in 2007 when Jack and Crocko said “Let’s do a Crossover Thrash band”.

Mainly influenced by old school Thrash metal and Crossover bands like Slayer, Nuclear Assault, DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, SOD with a touch of D-beat and grindcore.


Lineup since December 2007  :

Jack Moose : Guitar + Back vocals
Crocko : Drums    
Mike Waters : Vocals    
Dan Zig : Bass    
John Whale : guitar + Back vocals


Bombnation recorded their first and only demo in May 2008.  : Atomik Animal Annihilation. Mostly distributed in digital format, about 100 d.i.y. cd copies were printed.


After a few shows in 2008, Bombnation had some interest from Profusion Records and signed with them to release their first album on CD : H.A.Z.M.A.T. Released in April 2009, this album included all the tracks from the demo like Mad Dog and Nuclear War and new songs such as Discontent, Tsar Bomba and the infamous Drunk in Control.


In 2010 they released a split LP with Austin (Texas) Blunt Force Trauma called : Crossovered with rage. with the great collaboration of D7I Records and Doomsday machine Records. Bombnation’s side of this LP was also self released on CD with extra songs on it.

A new limited CD pressing has been released by GS Productions, an independant label from Russia in january 2014,  This new limited pressing is a deluxe digipack format and contains 3 previously unreleased tracks.


In October 2014, they released a full lenght CD through  PRC MUSIC called NIGHT INVASION.


Bombnation were not here to re-invent the wheel but to make sure that everyone has some friendly drunken violent fun in the night!!!

Don’t forget to download Bombnation albums for free on BANDCAMP or to buy them from our official distributor TOYS OF DISHARMONY.

That’s pretty much it for bombnation.